Flint Water Crisis

APA format/ 250 word min.

Specifically with respect to the Flint Water Crisis, there were several different decisions that needed to be made on the continuum that eventually resulted in the present crisis. This exercise provides you with the opportunity to re-write history. The question is, where would you start, what would you do, and why? Accordingly:

  1. Identify four different stakeholders (feel free to be creative) in the Flint water crisis and explain why you consider them to be a stakeholder.
  2. Identify and evaluate one ethical decision that one of your stated stakeholders made as the crises evolved and from what lens the stakeholder made that decision. In evaluating that decision, discuss:
    1. What were the competing ethical theories and principles at stake surrounding that choice?
    2. Did the stakeholder consider them (i.e. can you find some indication of discussion or debate regarding those competing interests) and, if so, why did he or she make the stated choice?
    3. Did the stakeholder ignore or, even worse, leave out other stakeholders from the decision making process, when making his or her choice?

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