Find a popular blog about CRM systems and use WhoIs to determine the blog’s owner. What is the name of the blog and who owns it?

Research Exercise 11
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Even though a link to a website or other online resource may appear first in your list of search results, the information it presents may not be accurate. Several strategies exist to help you determine the credibility of search results. Verify the information you read by finding supporting information on other websites or by comparing search results from different search engines. Often authors will provide links to sources within or at the end of an article. Search for information about the author to help determine his or her credibility, authenticity, or objectivity. Some articles may present opinions, not facts.

If you do not recognize or have doubts about the domain name of a website you are reading, type the search text, whois, in a search engine to locate the WhoIs database. Then type the domain name of the website in question (such as in the WhoIs search box to find its owner. You then can search for more information about the website’s owner. If you are looking for time-sensitive information, check the date when the links or pages were updated. If a webpage is filled with ads or pop-ups, it may be a scam.

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Research This: Use a search engine to answer these questions and report your findings.

Find an article on Wikipedia about relational databases. What references reinforce the information in the article?

Find a popular blog about CRM systems and use WhoIs to determine the blog’s owner. What is the name of the blog and who owns it?

Search for a news article about web databases and then find two additional articles by the same author on a similar topic. Summarize and provide a link to the article (copy and paste from the browser’s address bar); provide links to the two additional articles (no summaries needed for these two).

Search for information about the five most popular content management systems in use today. What are they? Provide the link to page where you found this information.

Do different websites give you different results?

Complete all tasks and answer all questions. Be sure your submission is grammar and spell-checked, and is composed of complete sentences.


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