Explain the reason for conducting the HRDNI

Human resource development
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Your task is to conduct a Human Resource Development Needs Investigation (HRDNI) and produce a HRDNI report that would benefit your organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar.

The familiar business is a factory based manufacturing environment, with over twenty employees, called Ideal Stone (S.A) Pty Ltd. Based in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, they operate out of several factories spread out over a street. They use heavy machinery such as CNC’s, Bridgesaws, and smaller hand tools. They manufacture stone bench tops using engineered (such as Caesarstone and Essastone, and natural stone. (Marble & Granite).
The current training systems are only on the job with the exception of mandatory safety inductions and licenses (for example fork lift). The majority of works are completed with the factory and there are several teams of installers.
Key ares of Training for all factory employees, OHS both structured and unstructured format. The two factory managers require formal management training.
Admin staff need some computer training in excel to get their skills up to date.
Currently there is little of no strategic planning or strategic HR development.
The report is to be written from the perspective of the HR officer.
Please use the book as a reference within the report.
The stakeholders are the two company directors Mr P. and Mr. C.

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The report should include a brief description of the organisation you have chosen, and a detailed discussion of issues outlined in the textbook (Delahaye 2011, pp. 134–135).

◾ Explain the reason for conducting the HRDNI
◾ Describe the investigative processes used
◾ Define the learner population
◾ Define the learning outcomes and learning objectives
◾ Justify the learning experience design to achieve learning outcomes and objectives
◾ Include information to assist the design of learning strategies and experiences
◾ Plan the evaluation.

This REPORT should be written to persuade key stakeholders to support the proposed learning experiences, and provide guidance to those responsible for the later stages of design, implementation and evaluation
Microsoft Word settings for academic work are as follows:
12 point Calibri or 12 point Arial
line spacing of 1.5 lines;
2500 words
language set as English (Australian);
Please contact me on my mobile if you need any more information that will assist.
Title page

Please include:
Word count
Student name
Student number
Subject title
AQF level
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
heading >




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