Engineering Topic Selections And Course

Engineering Topic Selections And Course
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1.0 Course Description:
This is a production class, with a variable number of credits (4 to 6) given for the quarter, based on the student’s declared degree program. The primary focus of this class is the discovery or the formation, analyzing, solving, and completion of an individual project.

2.0 Instructional Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the learner will understand the factors associated with the analyzing and solving of technical problems in a variety of workplaces. This experience will help to develop student excellence in the areas of problem research, communication skills, and creative problem solving.

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3.0 Course Requirements:
3.1 Canvas participation in this course.
3.2 Selection and approval of a technical problem-solving project.
3.3 Posting of weekly progress updates to Canvas.
3.4 Completion of a written report documenting your project.

4.0 Evaluation:
Grades will be determined by a review of the following items: completeness of documentation, thoroughness, and clarity of a written report.

4.1 Grades will be determined by the following points distribution:
Progress Updates (10 @ 20 points ea.) 200
Written Report 300
Total: 500
4.2 Final grades will be based on the following grading scale:

Grade Scale Points Description
A = 3.5 – 4.0 450-500 Excellent work.
B = 3.0 – 3.4 400-449 Good work.
C = 2.0 – 2.9 350-399 Average work.
D = 1.0 – 1.9 300-349 Poor work.
F = 0.0 0-299 Failing work.
5.0 Course Outline:
This course has no regularly scheduled meeting times. All required information will be posted on Canvas. Each student is responsible for regularly checking for new information and posting to Canvas weekly updates on their progress as listed below:

Due Date Day Topic Action
1/16/2018 Tuesday Progress Update 1 Turn in on Canvas
1/22/2018 Monday Progress Update 2 Turn in on Canvas
1/29/2018 Monday Progress Update 3 Turn in on Canvas
2/5/2018 Monday Progress Update 4 Turn in on Canvas
2/12/2018 Monday Progress Update 5 Turn in on Canvas
2/20/2018 Tuesday Progress Update 6 Turn in on Canvas
2/26/2018 Monday Progress Update 7 Turn in on Canvas
3/5/2018 Monday Progress Update 8 Turn in on Canvas
3/12/2018 Monday Progress Update 9 Turn in on Canvas
3/19/2018 Monday Progress Update 10 Turn in on Canvas
3/19/2018 Monday Written Report Turn in on Canvas

Course Expectations

The use of Canvas is mandatory for this class. All of the communications for the announcements, information for the Progress Updates, Written Report, and grades will be posted on Canvas.

Project Approval:
If you already have a specific project in mind, submit a description of the project requesting approval after you have read the Course Syllabus (first) and Progress Updates files (Second).

Progress Updates:
All progress updates need to be written in MS Word or equivalent. There will be 10 progress updates due throughout the quarter, each will be worth 20 points. Progress Updates are to be turned in to Canvas, no later than 11:59 p.m. on their due dates. Do not submit your project updates early; project updates submitted before Saturday for the immediately following Monday/Tuesday due date may be rejected. Project Updates submitted a week or more in advance will be rejected. A separate guide sheet will be posted that contains the required information and format of the progress updates. To maximize your points on this assignment, insure that you read and follow the instructions.

Written Report:
All written reports need to be done in MS Word or equivalent. The written report will be due on March 19, 2018. The written report will be worth 300 points. A separate guide sheet will be posted that contains the information and format of the written report. To maximize your points on this assignment, insure that you read and follow the instructions. Late reports (at -10%) will be accepted until 11:59PM on March 23rd, which is the last day of the quarter.

How to Do Well in this Class:
You will need to be or become self-motivated. This class is a showcase for your individual abilities in analyzing, comprehending, communicating, and applying technical solutions to diverse situations. Turn in all Progress Updates on time. Incomplete work can drop your grade significantly. If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact me.

Equal Opportunity Statement
No person shall, on the basis of age, race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of Eastern Washington University.

Affirmative Action Statement
Eastern Washington University adheres to affirmative action policies to promote diversity and equal opportunity for all faculty and students.

American Disability Act
Eastern Washington University is committed to providing support for students with disabilities. If you are a student with physical, learning, emotional, or psychological disabilities needing an accommodation, you are encouraged to stop by Disability Support Services (DSS), TAW 124 and speak with Kevin Hills, the Manager DSS or call 509-359-6871

Academic Integrity:
Violations of academic integrity involve the use of any method or technique enabling a student to misrepresent the quality and integrity of his or her own academic work or the work of a fellow student. Students committing academic dishonesty will be reported to the appropriate university officials and an XF grade for this course will be recorded on the student’s transcript. In cases where a student has an existing record of academic dishonesty, a more severe penalty may be applied, such as suspension or dismissal from the university.


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