Draft a report incorporating the following points in relation to your selected company

Corporate Accounting
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Tasks involved
1. Choose the latest annual report for any one of the following companies
Your group shall be allocated latest annual report (2015) of one of the following companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Your group is required to answer following assignment questions for the company selected in a report format and also compare the findings of your company ( wherever necessary) with another competing company from the same industry selected by your assignment group ( Preferably from ASX 200 companies available at http://www.asx200list.com/ )

AGL Energy Limited (Utilities)
Newcrest Mining Limited (Materials)
Qantas Airways Limited (Industrials)
Ramsay Health Care Limited (Healthcare)
RIO Tinto Limited (Materials)
TABCORP Holdings Limited (Consumer Discretionary)
Tatts Group Limited (Consumer Discretionary)
Telstra Corporation Limited (Telecommunication Services)
All annual reports are available on the website of these companies.
Choosing a company other than those mentioned above is not permitted.
All accounting standards are available on online database or these standards can also be accessed on AASB web site (www.aasb.gov.au).

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Draft a report incorporating the following points in relation to your selected company (not exceeding 2,000 words).
Company- Introduction, Business & operating activities, Finances and Financial performance

Describe the core business of the company. Provide full details of its different activities and or business segments.
Discuss the industry that the chosen company operates in. For example, is it a growing or declining industry; which are the main competitors of the company and what are they doing, etc. Ensure you discuss the implications of these factors.
How the company is funded vis-à-vis internal or external sources? Critically analyse the financial structure of the company?
Describe key elements of Financial Performance reported by the company in the annual report.
Has this company reported any event that occurred after the reporting date? Describe the event.
Were there any changes in accounting policies disclosed in the annual report? If yes, describe those changes.

Assets – PPE and Intangibles

What is the carrying amount of each class of Property, Plant, and Equipment, at reporting date, of your company?
Describe the accounting policies relating to Property, Plant, and Equipment adopted by your company.
Identify the intangible assets reported by the company. Discuss their composition and relevance to the company’s business.
Describe the accounting policies relating to Intangible Assets adopted by your company.
Are any items of Property, Plant, and Equipment, and/or Intangible Assets of your company impaired? If so, identify which assets are impaired, and the amount of accumulated impairment losses.
Note: It is important to refer to relevant accounting standards in your report to score high marks in this group assignment.


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