Do a personal assessment (SWOT) of yourself in relation to the organization. What can you offer the organization? What can the organization offer you?

Assignment Requirements


Coldwell Banker would be the company that I would like to work for.

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Each Individual will research and analyze an organization they would like to work for. Library, Internet, and primary organizational sources should be utilized, all properly referenced (Data Monitor and Wikipedia are not acceptable, nor are SWOT and TOWS analyses taken from previously prepared sites). The report will be approximately 15-20 pages, typed, double-spaced. It should be submitted before the last day of class. Each person or group should choose a different organization and not one that they have used or anyone else has used in a project or previous class. I must approve the company beforehand because there is a long list of companies that have been used before. The report should include these elements with the name of the main contributor to the sections as identified below:

A. Current situation:
*Introduction and company overview.
*A brief strategic history of the industry.
*An analysis of the industry, using the types of analyses we do in class and are included in the textbook.
*A brief strategic history of the organization.
*An organizational mission statement or one that you think is applicable to them.
*A statement of the current business level strategy.
*A description of the current strategy for the major operations/functions of the company.
*A description of the organizational structure, culture, and control systems.
*An analysis of the financial position of the organization.
*Summary: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT). Using a TOWS analysis is entirely relevant to this part.

B. Strategic direction
*Identification and explanation of the key strategic issues. This identification comes directly out of the analysis and information in Section A.
*Strategic alternatives for each issue: status quo, evolutionary change, and revolutionary change.
*Strategic choice for each issue and justification.
*Specific tactics to implement the strategic choice and justification of those tactics. Discuss impact on stakeholders. You can discuss tactics that should be implemented in year 1, year 2, etc.

C. Personal assessment
Assume you want to work for this organization. Do a personal assessment (SWOT) of yourself in relation to the organization. What can you offer the organization? What can the organization offer you? Include both a SWOT listing and an explanation of why each item is on the list.

D. Financial analysis
Full analysis of the organization in relation to its industry and competitors, with emphasis on strategic fit between your future goals and the company/industry growth directions and goals.

Other instructions and tips:
1. At least three primary sources—information directly from the organization.
2. Be careful to cite sources.
F. All writing assignments must be word-processed and checked for spelling and grammar. Use only Word.
G. The following are to be taken into consideration by the student when writing the papers in this course:
I. Content:
J. Completed all parts of assignment
K. Developed thoughtfully with appropriate support for ideas
L. Synthesized and evaluated appropriate materials
M. Original and appropriate approach – clear thesis
O. Organization:
P. Logical plan
Q. Appropriate order of ideas
R. Appropriate beginning and conclusion
S. Appropriate cohesion and progression of ideas and transitions
U. Form, Mechanics, Surface:
V. Correct language control
W. No grammatical or sentence errors
X. No spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors
Y. Correct idiom and word usage
Z. Followed assignment format standards and used other apropos standards, e.g., MLA, APA, etc.


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