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Case Study
Disk4U is a Sydney based company which sells CDs and Vinyl Records. They are a small family-owned
business with four outlets spread around the Sydney metropolis.
Currently, their main business is selling to customers via their physical shop front, via mail and
phone orders and also a new online channel has been introduced through Ebay.
This expansion has
made it really necessary to improve on their manual processes of accounting and business reporting.
You has been called in as accounting and business systems consultant.
Disk4U wants to know
how technologies could be used to improve the company�s operations (especially the areas of
accounting and business reporting).
The company is keen to leave you as much open as possible � you have been told that it is a
�clean sheet� strategy but cannot consume more than $150,000. The Chief Executive, Amit Reddy,
needs a report from you to give the Board a specific brief.


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