Is college for everyone?

Think of the people who provide us with services. Plumbers, AC repairs, Mechanics, all these people who keep us comfortable but no college is required for their service.

Plumbers make more than I do with a Masters Degree and ten years of experience.

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The comment is to Betto Brai

Am not in an opinion that college is for everyone. There are people like mechanic, service men, plumbers etc. who does not even attend the college but still make enough money. Take the case of some business people, not everyone in them had studied business studies, but they make good profits from that. To have a white collar job we need to get into a good college and should have a good qualification. But all jobs do not require a good educational qualification. When considering poor people, they may not have enough money to attend the college and if they enter there is no complete guarantee that they will get graduated from there. In some cases, all that left after graduation would be the debt of education but not the job. Just to get any job no educational qualification is required, so it completely depends on the passion of the pupil whether to attend in a college or not.


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