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Please read “Partial Justice” by Nicole Hahn Rafter beginning on page 33 of your Latessa/Holsinger text. Answer the following questions accordingly. Your responses should be based in what you have read. Please include citations throughout, as well as references in APA format. Your response is worth 20 points and should be thorough. Please provide an original post by Day 3 (Wednesday) and at least one peer response by Day 7 (Sunday).

1) Consider the paragraph at the beginning of page 40; specifically the sentence beginning with “Indeed”. According to the text, women were viewed as childlike creatures. How might the treating of women like children affect the women’s success post-release? Is this approach really “rescue and reform”? 

2) Consider what you’ve read in the article. How does the current system use similar social controls to encourage the reformation of female offenders? 

3) Why might the social controls mentioned in the article be ineffective in the reformation of male offenders? 


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