Discuss treatment for this patient. Would you treat her dyslipidemia? Why or why not?

Homework 1unit 1
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Discussion Topic 1: You are seeing a 68 year old female to discuss recent routine lab results. She has a history of hypertension for the past 10 years, well-controlled on current medicine regimen. Her father had a MI at age 50 (evidence of premature CAD). She tells you she feels great and denies any symptoms. Her labs: Total cholesterol = 277, HDL = 90, LDL = 164, Triglycerides = 114. She is not currently taking any medication for dyslipidemia. Her ankle-brachial index test was normal at > 1.0 (no evidence of peripheral vascular disease). You calculate her 10-year risk for having a cardiac event to be 5.5%.

Initial Post: Discuss treatment for this patient. Would you treat her dyslipidemia? Why or why not? Provide rationale for your answer, including current evidence from the literature to support your position.

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Subsequent posts: Comment on a colleague’s decision that differs from yours. Cite current research findings, national guidelines, and expert opinions and controversies found in the medical and nursing literature to support your position.

Students are expected to:

Post an initial substantive response of 200-250 words to each question.
Read postings and engage in the discussion boards 4-5 days per week.
Respond to at least two other student’s postings with substantive comments.
Substantive comments add to the discussion and provide your fellow students with information that will enhance the learning environment.

The postings should be at least one paragraph (approximately 100 words) and include references as indicated by the instructor.

References and citations should be no more than 5 years old and should conform to the APA 6th edition.


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