Discuss how operating systems store information within a file system.

Assignment 2: LASA 1: Creating a Dual Boot System
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You recently have been hired as the Director of Systems Administration operations for ViralMedia, a provider of software tools for graphics artists. The company’s core product, DigiWorld, runs under Windows and Linux.

Currently, each ViralMedia sales personnel has two laptop systems, one running Windows and one running Linux. Depending on the customer’s operating system preference, the sales personnel start the corresponding laptop.

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You suggest to the ViralMedia Vice President of Sales that the team should use a dual-boot system to eliminate the need for multiple computers. Since no one at ViralMedia has used a dual-boot system before, the Vice President of Sales asks you to create a demo system to present in a meeting this week. Specifically, he wants you to show multiple operating systems running on one computer and the process of booting a specific system.


Prior to your demo, the Sales Vice President asks that you develop a PowerPoint presentation that reviews dual-boot systems and presents some examples.

Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Your presentation should begin with a Title slide and include a References slide at the end. Portray the following information using bulleted lists, images, charts, and other professional slide design elements on your slides, as appropriate. Include detailed speaker’s notes for each slide within your presentation. Your slides should be presented in about 20 minutes. As a general rule of thumb, 1 slide = 1 minute, depending on the amount of content on the slide. Read through your slides and time yourself, and then determine how many slides are needed based on how your slides read.

Discuss how operating systems store information within a file system.
Explain what a dual-boot system is.
Briefly compare and contrast Windows and Ubuntu Linux.
Justify reasons for using a dual-boot system.
Based on the reduction of computers provided by the dual boot system, analyze and estimate expected savings on a per user basis.
Explain how to select the operating system you want to boot in terms and steps a novice computer user can follow (use screen captures as necessary)


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