develop a new Innovation Strategy for the organization within your first six weeks onboard.

Innovation Strategy
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

INNOVATION STRATEGY (Individual Assignment):
You have just been hired as the Chief Information Officer of <select a current organization (a real organization)>. As part of your offer letter, you have ben tasked to develop a new Innovation Strategy for the organization within your first six weeks onboard. Your proposal must include a plan for how to assess future technology enables, align innovation projects with organizational goals and objectives, and effect change in the organization.

Part 1: Written Evaluation
Each student will submit a written proposal describing your intended approach to drive innovation in the organization (no shorter than 20 pages but no more than 25 pages – not including the Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of Figures/Tables/Acronyms, or References). Your proposal will include an analysis of the strengths, risks, and feasibility of the project as well as a developmental strategy for the company. This paper must include a discussion of the organization’s goals and objectives, corporate strategy needs, assessment of the market, your proposed approach to prioritize and select innovation projects to align with the organization’s needs. You must include a description of how your proposed innovation strategy aligns with (or changes) your organization’s Systems Engineering and Architecture Processes, Finally, your proposal must include a Business Case Analysis including a proposed budget for execution, return on investment projection, analysis of alternative solutions, and a discussion of the challenges your organization faces when implementing this project (and how you propose to mitigate these challenges).

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Note that Charts and Figures are highly encouraged in Business Communications. I expect each student to use Charts and Figures to complement your proposal. Charts and Figures will NOT count toward page count requirements. I will relax the APA standards for Tables, Charts, and Figures as follows:

Tables and Figures that are less than ½ page in length: Include in-line with text to improve clarity. Format center, wrap text using “Top and Bottom” feature to ensure the table/figure takes the whole page width. Captions should include a description of the table/figure and its contribution to the text.

Tables and Figures that are more than ½ page in length: Include as Appendix at end of paper. Refer to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition) or the APA Style Blog ( for guidance.

Your proposal must be formatted in APA format and supported by academic research (i.e., no fewer than nine (9) relevant scholarly references). This paper must be include a Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of Figures/Tables/Acronyms, and References. In lieu of an Abstract, each student must provide an Executive Summary as the first section of the paper. The Executive Summary provides a 2-minute introduction to the proposal and should give the reader an assessment of the major points of your proposal, an overview of the major costs/risks to the organization, and an explanation of the expected benefits to the organization.


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