design your proposed information system: the environment,the user interfaces the application architecture and software

Systems Analysis and Design Assignment
Assignment Requirements

This assignment builds on assignment 2 and focusses on core process 4 (design systemcomponents), core process 5 (build, test, and integrate system components), and core process 6 (complete system tests and deploy solution).


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You are required to thoroughly design your proposed information system and undertake the following tasks:

Design the environment – Provide a high-level architectural diagram and explain theenvironment within which the system will operate (i.e., stand alone, networked, hosting options, cloud infrastructure, etc.) (minimum 300 words).
(Insert high-level architectural diagram and explanation here)

Design the user interfaces – Provide story boards illustrating the user interface for atleast four (4) screens. Discuss how you have applied best-practice user-interface design concepts (minimum 300 words).
(Insert user interface diagrams here)

Design the application architecture and software:

Provide a component diagram showing how your proposed system conforms to a three-layer architecture.You must use Microsoft Visio.
(Insert component diagram here)

Provide a complete design class diagram. You must use Microsoft Visio.

(Insert design class diagram here)

Provide two (2) interaction (sequence) diagrams for the two (2) corresponding use case diagrams presented in assignment 2. You must use Microsoft Visio.

(Insert interaction diagrams here)

Design the database – Describe the approach towards designing a database for thesystem and provide a database schema listing all the tables, attributes, and primary keys. Justify your schema quality with regard to normalisation (minimum 500 words).
(Insert answer here)

Design system controls and security – Describe any security concerns and theapproach towards mitigating security issues for the system (minimum 500 words).

(Insert answer here)

Unit test the software – Provide program stubs and test driver code for two (2)
(Insert program stubs and test driver code here)

Deploy the solution – Describe the approach for planning and managing implementation, testing, and deployment for the system (minimum 500 words).


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