Design a Use Case Diagram in Vision

Systems Modeling and Simulation
Order Details/Description

Problem Statement

The ABC company has questions regarding its operations and has hired your team to pinpoint what the issues are and what can be done to improve their current method of doing business.

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Customers call the call center and are routed to an automated switch. While on the switch, customers are asked if they are new or existing customers. New customers get routed to a demographic subroutine where they enter in their pertinent information … name, address, phone number, and email. When they submit their data, they are issued a customer number and returned to the initial switch for additional routing.

Returning customers have the choice of entering their ID/account number or typing in their home phone number where their record is retrieved and verified. Once they have entered/verified their account number they are routed to Operator 1.

Operator 1 handles all general information requests (Company Hours, locations, etc …), resolves quick fix issues (password resets, requests for employee extension transfers, etc. …), and for those issues they are unable to resolve they are able to transfer the call to switch 2 were the customer waits to be transferred to the person who can assist them. The average number of calls is 10 per hour however, during peak activity (10am – 1:30pm), the average number of calls increases to approximately 15 per hour. Operator 1 can handle 12 calls per hour.

Once a call is transferred to switch 2 the average wait in queue is 2 minutes. There are two primary Operators on switch 2. Operator 2 primarily handles all billing concerns and can handle 6 calls per hour. Operator 3 primarily handles Customer Service questions and can also handle 6 calls per hour. Note that Operators 2 & 3 are cross trained to be able to perform / assist each other. In addition to Operators 2 & 3 there is a Supervisor on switch 2 who can assist when the call volume increases. Supervisor 1 can handle 8 calls during peak hours (only). Supervisor 1 is trained in ALL areas of the call center.

ABC company has hired you to model their current operations and to provide them with recommendations on areas for improvement.

Requirements for Systems Modeling and Simulation Project

Each team will be designing (independently) a Call Center system for a Customer Service Helpdesk.

The minimum project requirements are …

Perform a textual analysis on the written Problem Statement provided

Determine and document what data / requirements would be needed to properly analyze / assess the effectiveness for your models

Provide a written description of the Input variables that can be manipulated in the model

Design a Use Case Diagram in Vision

Design a Structural Model Diagram in Vision

Describe the Output data that would be used to analyze and optimize your process.

Chose / demonstrate the simulation method you would use to analyze the effectiveness of your design

Provide recommendations to ABC for improving their process based on the data / information you obtain from modeling / simulating their existing system

A presentation by members of the group explaining your project.

Should be 15-20 minutes long.
Power Point Slides with your Vision diagrams
If you chose to program the model a demonstration would be nice

You must be able to draw and explain a conclusion from the model.

Ex: Changing the way a call flow is answered might alter the satisfaction rate of a
customer and why.

also I want 1 page explain what i have to present

Do not use any internet sources


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