Describe the role of Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering
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Systems Engineering Assignment – A1

Aim: To develop a FBD of a system associated with your company and discuss the role of Systems

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Engineering in your area.

Learning Outcomes tested:

Describe the role of Systems Engineering
Identify the main stages in the Concept Development stage of SE
Perform a simple analysis of needs
Decompose a set of requirements into a functional hierarchy
Model a set of functions using a Function Block Diagram (FBD)

Your organisation is seeking to make a major product and/or process investment and you have been

assigned to work with the Systems Engineering team to develop a concept for it. You have been

asked by the project leader to develop a concept for one part of this system. This could be a design

area or part of the manufacturing/network system.

Tasks – there are three tasks (a-c) and you must attempt all of them.

a) Select a part or an aspect within the overall system1 and develop a system functional specification
in the form of a Function Block Diagram for this. Support this with one page of background analysis

(see Note).

NOTE: include a needs analysis, provide one or more operational scenarios, identify the main inputs,

transformations and outputs. Do not be too ambitious; aim for between 10 and 20 function blocks.

Your FBD should fit on one page of A3 maximum.

b) Write accompanying notes that explain the rationale for your specification, or at least a significant
part of it. Guidance: One page of concise notes in the form of extended bullet points with a reference

identifier to the part of the FBD to which it refers.

c)Write a short briefing note for members of your work area that explains the role of Systems

Engineering and what impact it can have on them. This should include ‘good’ and ‘bad’ i.e. what the

impact might be if it is done badly. (500 words maximum)

Refer to the Assessment Criteria in the marking and feedback rubric.

1 This could be a new factory, a major part of that (for example a new body, paint, trim or engine plant), or

some significant infrastructure development (a new line, for example, or a significant work like say the channel

tunnel). It could also be a system associated with product engineering, but avoid making the focus an

information system or individual piece of software.


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