Describe the basic activities that must be managed by the BCP.

Discussion 2
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Q 1)Final Review

In a 300-word-initial post, discuss some obstacles you faced in completing your HIT/QI project research?

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Discuss your most important discovery about healthcare information systems.
Discuss how you plan to apply what you have learned to your current or future position(s).
Discuss your three most important takeaways from the course.

Q 2) You are now in the phase of developing a business continuity plan (BCP) for an organization. Describe the basic activities that must be managed by the BCP. Develop plans for alternate site relocation, and develop an estimated monthly budget for the alternate site operations. Detail out the Site Resumption Strategy and the time needed to become fully operational. Provide summary level budget information for the site resumption strategies you did not choose and defend your recommendation.


Q 3)  Conduct research on the World Wide Web and describe the top, 3 major threats and drivers effecting the C.I.A. triangle.  What are the top 3 Security Controls & Methodologies used today in industry and how would you incorporate it into your Response Strategies as a Security Manager.

(C.I.A. triangle The three most critical characteristics of information used within information systems: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.)


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