Describe systems development methodologies including life cycle and iterative design models

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Refer again to the information about the Reliable Pharmaceutical Service (RPS) at the end of Chapter 1, “The World of the Information Systems Analyst.”
Management at RPS has placed a high priority on developing a Web-based application to connect client facilities with RPS’ main headquarters. This will require the automation of information handling related to patients, health-care facilities, and prescriptions.

1. As the project manager for this project, develop a scope statement. Note: Submit your scope statement in the built-in text box located with your assignment submission in the online course shell.
2. Use MS Project or Open Project (.mpp file) to develop a work breakdown structure with at least five (5) major tasks and twenty (20) subtasks with meaningful task durations and predecessor relationships. Note: Tasks are presented in a verb-noun format. Submit your .mpp file with your scope statement.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

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• Describe systems development methodologies including life cycle and iterative design models.Explain various systems acquisition alternatives, including the use of packaged systems (such as ERP, CRM, SCM) and outsourced design and development resources.
• Analyze and present methods to initiate, specify, and prioritize information systems projects and determine various aspects of feasibility of these projects.
• Develop a solution to proposed business problem using structured systems analysis and design methods.
• Use technology and information resources to research issues in advanced systems analysis and design.
• Write clearly and concisely about advanced systems analysis and design using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.


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