Describe five technologies that can support electronic commerce.

Accounting Information Systems
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Question 1

a)Describe five technologies that can support electronic commerce. (5 marks)
b)List and explain five main reasons for implementing AIS in organizations. (5 marks)
c)What is the role of a database system in the implementation of AIS? (5 marks)
d)State five characteristics that make information valuable for decision making. (5 marks)
Question 2

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You have been contracted by Maisha Bora Ltd to source or develop an accounting system for them. There are a number of options available to you and two of these are either developing AIS from scratch or buying a Commercial off the shelf (COTS) Application package.

a)State some of the benefits of developing the system in-house. (5 marks)
b)If you were to buy a COTS AIS, name three advantages and two disadvantages the organization would encounter. (5 marks)

c)What are the advantages of using prototyping as a tool for development?(5 marks)

d)Mention and explain five controls that you would consider in developing or procuring the Accounting IS? (5 marks)
Question 3

a)Explain some of the computer crimes that are prevalent in computerized management information systems. How can they be dealt with? (5 marks)

b)State and explain the purpose of the major modules in QuickBooks. (5 marks)
c)Discuss the concept of audit trails and show how they can be of benefit to an organization that has computerized AIS. (5 marks)

d)What opportunities can be provided for by the Internet to an organization? (5 marks)
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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Examples of key points that should be in your paper
· Discuss how technology can be used to improve or change business process or create efficiency?
· Discuss the pros and cons of how to use technology to eliminate redundancy
· How can technology be used to save or reduce cost or turnaround time? Provide examples
· Can technology be used to strengthened business continuity?
· Discuss how technology can be used to help create competitive advantage?
· Discuss how technology can help to improve communication and give examples


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