Critically compare the performance characteristics of a modern CI and SI engine.

Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technology
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The writer must have a good knowledge of the modern SI (spark ignition) CI (compression ignition) engines.

The essay I ask for is straightforward for someone who is familiar.

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Try to avoid sources/references from internet. Use book’s, manufacturer’s technical information, workshop manuals.

1.Critically compare the performance characteristics of a modern CI and SI engine. ( modern SI engines are those with direct fuel injection into combustion chamber look for example at Volkswagen FSI, modern CI are those with common rai. All you have to do is to compare performance characteristics of modern SI/CI engines, please)

2. Evaluate CI and SI indirect and direct injection engine designs.

3. Evaluate modern CI and SI engine management systems, including programmable systems and emission control systems.
4. Explain how modern engine management systems monitor the engine operation
(take into account ECM, sensors, actuators, communication and tell few words how they work and tell why enginners started using them, significance … influence on emmisions … performance … economy )

5. Explain fault finding procedures on engine systems using: a. Vehicle Communication Interface b. Multimeters c. Osciloscopes d. Specialized equipments e.g. dynamometers, manufacturers equipment. e.Explain how the diagnostics may be carried out through the use of remote connection.


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