create your own GIS project.

(GIS) Geographic Information Systems
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Below is the instructions from my professor. Please pay close attention to the minimum standards, 1-6. This project uses the Esri Accounts-ArcGIS for Desktop software package.

Task: create your own GIS project.

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Subject: you may choose any topic that relates to Homeland Security or Criminal Justice. This includes anything from a terrorist event (such as the event described in lesson 4 in the textbook) or planning a recovery after a flood or dam breech, to the mapping of crime in your county. The subject matter is entirely up to you.

Minimum standards: You should turn in your final project as a Word Document or a PDF document. It must be in a single document. It can be of any length so long as you include the following specific information:

the location studied,
the purpose and intent of your study,
the reason you chose to do this study,
the images you generate in ArcGIS,
a list of any “special tools” and/or “extensions” that you employed to produce the outcome, and
your MetaData.
The purpose of including the MetaData is that it shows the original source of your data – in other words, it precludes plagiarism (not that any of you would do something like that).


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