Create an enterprise-wide network security plan

Network Security Plan
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Assignment Instructions:

Because networks are designed to share information, security is an ongoing issue that must be assessed and addressed at all levels. For this assignment, imagine you are responsible for creating a security and privacy plan for a small doctors’ office that has 4 doctors and 10 staff. The purpose of your plan is to describe standards that help ensure the privacy and integrity of the many different facets of a network.

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Include the following in your 5–6-page security and privacy plan:

_Create an enterprise-wide network security plan for the above mentioned organization.

_Describe the most common vulnerabilities, risks, and issues that your plan will address.

_Describe a plan for standards to protect the users from harming the network and system, both intentionally and accidentally. Discuss how these will be enforced.

_Include policies that protect the hardware and physical aspects of the network.

_Identify hardware areas that need to be secured.

_Describe steps that will be taken to ensure the security of the operating systems and network files.

_Discuss measures that are necessary to protect the transfer of data to and from the network.


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