complete us history homework 7 asu


These questions are designed to prepare you for Exam #2, which will be based on the short answers and essays you submit for homework.You should submit complete, detailed answers so you can use the homework assignment to help you prepare for the exam.

I will correct and grade your homework and return it to you so you will know if you missed something before you take the exam.You will lose points for submitting incomplete homework.

Short Answers:Write a brief paragraph for each term that explains who, what, when, where, how, why, and the significance of each of the following terms.

Transcontinental Treaty of 1824Monroe Doctrine

Election of 1836Panic of 1837

Independent Treasury Act (1840)Election of 1840

Essays:Write an essay that answers each of the following questions.Write a separate essay for each topic.

1.Discuss the presidency of James Monroe.When did Monroe become president and how was his presidency perceived?What was the Rush-Bagot Agreement and why was it signed? What was the Convention of 1818? What happened with Andrew Jackson and Florida and what was the result? What was the Adams-Onis Treaty? What was the Panic of 1819 and how did it impact the national bank issue? What was the Missouri Compromise and how did it come about?

2. Discuss the role of Chief Justice John Marshall in the development of the United States.What was Fletcher v. Peck?What was Dartmouth College v. Woodward, what led to the decision, and what was the decision? What was McCulloch v. Maryland, what led to the decision, and what was the decision? What was Gibbons v. Ogden, what caused the decision, and what was the decision?

3. Discuss the election of 1824 and John Quincy Adams’s presidency.What was the election of 1824 and how did it result in the “corrupt bargain”? What was the American System? What was the rest of Adams’s presidency like? What was the election of 1828 and what was the result?

4. Discuss the presidency of Andrew Jackson.How was Jackson’s presidency different from the beginning? What was Jackson’s relationship with John Calhoun and Martin van Buren? What were the issues involving internal improvements in the Jackson administration? What was the Nullification Crisis and how did it develop, including the South Carolina Exposition and Protest, the Webster-Hayne Debate, the South Carolina Ordinance, the Tariffs and the resolution of the crisis?What was Jackson’s Indian policy and what decisions resulted from it? What was the National Bank controversy during the Jackson administration and what was the result? What was the result of the election of 1832 and how did it impact the bank controversy? What was the Distribution Act? What was the Specie Circular?


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