complete psych discussion lavenr

There are two questions to answer in your discussion board post for this week based on the nature-nurture debate:

1) Dr. Carol Dweck, a social psychologist at Stanford University, has found that people have different views about how intelligence operates. Some people view intelligence as an unchangeable trait endowed by genetics. Other people view intelligence as something that can be increased through effort and persistence. These differing views of intelligence illustrate the nature/nurture debate. Do you view intelligence as more influenced by nature or by nurture? Why?

2) Until the late 1950s and early 1960s the education system in the United States was based on the premise that intelligence is inherited and therefore unchangeable. In 1965, the federal government founded the Head Start program. This program was designed to promote academic success in low-income children. The idea behind the Head Start program is that intelligence can increase if a child is exposed to an environment that offers basic health, social, and educational services. How might our education system be different depending on whether it was designed with the belief that intelligence is unchangeable or that intelligence can be changed with effort and persistence?


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