complete a document on the system requirements and design of the Property Management Service System

complete a document on the system requirements and design of the Property Management Service System
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This course work will require you to complete a document on the system

requirements and design of the Property Management Service System(see the details below), which must follow the guidelines below:

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Well structured document style

Front page with proper title, name, date,
Content page with chapters and their starting page numbers,
Introduction which describes objectives of the document,
You should not include any non-relevant statements, pictures and should not use any fancy fonts.

Contents of the document

Introduction which briefly describes objectives of the document,
Use-Case Diagram [30 marks]
Class Diagram [20 marks]
Sequence (at least 3) Diagrams [30 marks]
State Diagram (one) [20 marks]
System Design

Below are some essential functions of the systems, for which you required to do the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, include

Draw the USE CASES AND ACTORS for the problem.
Draw the class diagram.
Draw at least THREE sequence diagrams.
Draw State diagrams for ANY object within the system.
By using tools are available such as MSVisio


The Property Management Company wanted to develop a Property Information Service System that provides information to local estate agents to be used to help them sell properties to their customers.

Each month, estate agents list their properties for sale by contracting with properties owners. The estate agent sends information on the listing properties to the Property Management Company Manager. Therefore, any estate agent in the city can get information on the listing properties.

Information on listing properties includes the address, year built, Commercial or houses, square feet, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, owner name, owner phone number, asking price, and status code. At any time during the month, an agent might directly request information on property listings that match customer requirements, so the estate agent contacts the Property Management Company Manager with the request.

Information on the property, is provided by the estate agent who listed the property.

For example, Estate agent might want to call the listing estate agent to ask additional questions or call the property owner directly to make an appointment to show the property.

Twice each month, the Property Management Company Manager produces a listing booklet that contains information on all listings properties. These booklets are sent to all of the estate agents in the city.

Many estate agents want the booklets, so they are provided despite the information is often out of date.

Sometimes estate agents and property owners decide to change information about a listing property such as reducing the price correct previous information on the property, or indicating that the property is sold.

The Estate Agent sends in these change requests to Property Management Company manager when the estate agent asks him/her to do so.


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