Cognitive Development in Adults

Cognitive Development in Adults
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The Discussions in this course include several components. You may not be able to address all of these topics in a single post. You will need to plan to return to the Discussion several times during the week to weigh in on the topics. Please make sure you do so as part of both original posts as well as in replies to your classmates. Remember that your grade for the Discussion Board comprises both original postings and your contributions through replies. Both are great places to introduce new information, opinions, links, etc., and both are equally important to your grade.
The application of adult learning theory may impact the metacognitive processes of the adult learner. For example, it is expected that an adult learner become more independent and self-directed in learning activities. To enhance one dimension of cognitive functioning, memory, the adult student must consider independently how he/she best processes information for entry into memory for retrieval as needed.
In your first post, define the dimensions of cognitive functioning of memory, intelligence, cognitive development, and wisdom. Describe how it may impact metacognitive processes of adult learners.
In your second post, you will apply your knowledge of cognitive functioning to this scenario:
The adult learner classroom often has a unique and diverse population of students in attendance. Ms. Smith teaches a first-semester, required American history course. Choose two students from the class roster below and discuss how one or more of the dimensions of cognitive functions may influence classroom success and steps or activities a facilitator of the class may take to assist that student.
1. Henry is an award-winning athlete who has always struggled with academics. He is a first-semester freshman who needs to remain in academic good standing.
2. Sally is a returning college student who wants to graduate from college now that all her children are grown. She wants to study to be a nurse.
3. John is a Veteran student who is attending college on Veteran Benefits for the first time. He has a wife and two children. John wants to be an engineer.
4. Ayi is a traditional-aged Japanese international student. She came from Japan to study business administration.
5. Matthew is studying computer information systems. He had a 504 plan in high school and is documented with the college’s disability office as a student with a learning disability.
6. Susan is coming to college directly from high school, but is unsure about her major or future career goals.
7. John is attending college as a career-changer. He has worked his way up the ladder in his industry, but can’t advance further without a degree.


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