Clearly describe the health promotion/disease prevention problem specific to the target population.

Health Promotion Proposal
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Course Project: Health Promotion Proposal
The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student an opportunity to design a health promotion proposal specific to your role specialization.
There are multiple sections to the project. These include:
1. Identification of a specific health promotion topic, along with a well-defined target population. This will be due in Week 1.
2. Critically analyze the current literature related to this topic
3. Create an intervention plan for the identified problem
4. Create an evaluation plan for the intervention, along with all other project sections.
The final project is due in Week 5 and will be composed of the above sections which you will adjust weekly based upon the feedback from your facilitator. All sections will be submitted in one document. Additional explanation for each section is provided in the relevant week’s directions.
Project-Specific Criteria:
• Clearly describe the health promotion/disease prevention problem specific to the target population.
• Explain how the selected problem applies to advanced practice in the student’s role option.
• Critically analyze the current literature related to interventions that address the problem related to communities from nursing, the sciences, and humanities.
• Select an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical framework that applies to the problem.
• Design an intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting using appropriate epidemiological, social, and environmental assessments.
• Design an evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention.
Choosing Your Topic
The first step in the project is to identify a topic appropriate for a health promotion project. There are multiple areas to look for acceptable projects, such as the Health People 2020 site, The Institute of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ). You may also want to look at the websites for professional nursing organizations which may also have listings of health promotion priorities.
Once you are clear on the area of interest, narrow the topic to something that is specific and measureable. For example, if you are interested in the care of the elderly, you may want to focus on a project to lessen the fall rate for the elderly.
Current and initial section-Project Task:
Prepare a proposal in the form of a two-pages paper which describes a detailed plan for the project. The facilitator will give you feedback that may require you to revise and refine your plan.
Assignment Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Identified an appropriate goal for health promotion. 10
Developed or proposed a specific, narrow, and focused intervention to address the goal. 10
Provided an explanation of the importance of the project relative to the students’ future advanced practice role. 10
Developed a plan to identify the needed data and information for creation of the project. 10
Followed APA Guidelines 10
Total: 50


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