City of San Diego Recreation Department

City of San Diego Recreation Department
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part 1: Agency/Program Description


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In this section you will describe the agency/program including as much detail as you can from the information you are able to gain about it. To locate information, you can start with their website, their brochures, their annual report, etc., but attempt to get more detail and an experiential element if you can by doing one or more of the following:

Call and speak to a representative such as a receptionist, staff member, board member or administrative officer or recipient of their services, visit a site, attend a volunteer orientation or training or other event.

Give the full name, location/s, website and phone number of the agency/program and explain what services they provide. Many agencies and programs serve children and families through many sub-programs in their larger agency. If yours has many services, give a broad description of all of them, but chose one particular segment to focus on in this assignment.

Describe the stated Mission, Vision Values and Goals of the agency/program. If they are not clearly spelled out, give your thoughts about what they might be.
Describe the method of funding for this agency/program: Is it from client fees, government funds, donations, etc.? Is it a for-profit, non-profit 501 (c) (3) or government entity?
Describe the leadership of the program and whether they have a Board of Directors and what they do if they have one.
Describe the type of staff the agency employs and any volunteer opportunities.

Describe their target audience.

Draw comparisons to other similar programs. Are there other programs like them locally, nationally?
Describe any reports, community outreach meetings, newsletters, media, etc. that you were able to access. Did they include any client stories? If so, summarize them.
Part 2: Agency/Program Analysis

Based upon what you were able to learn about this agency/program, do you feel it is meeting its stated goals in the following ways?:

How do you think they are impacting the lives of children and families in San Diego County (or the nation)?

How well do you think they are reaching their target audience with their services?

What barriers to their services might children and families encounter?

How well do they seem to be at offering culturally effective services? Explain?
Part 3: Ties to course concepts

Using a minimum of 15 specific references to the Berns text, tie the information you found out about this agency to many of the chapters. Be sure to include Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Systems as you do so.


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