choose one of these long term causes that might have influenced ww ii and argue for why you think it was important 1

I’d love for us all to add brief, useful sources that can help our understanding of the key ideas below, so if you have a reading, video clip, image, or anything that you think illustrates the answer, please add it to our discussion!

Prompt: Many historians feel that World War II had a variety of causes. Among them were: the 1. Treaty of Versailles, the growth of 2. Nationalism, expanding 3. Militarism, the rise of 4. Fascism in Italy and Germany, American 5. Isolationism, and European and American 6. Appeasement of Germany and Japan. Choose one of these long-term causes and argue for why you think it was important!

—-just a discussion post: no more than a page in length.

—-1-2 cites sources the most


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