Choose one Family Theory covered in the course and apply it to either a family you are treating or your family of origin.

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Choose one Family Theory covered in the course and apply it to either a family you are treating or your family of origin. Provide basic identifying information, including the presenting problem (if you’re using your own FOO, then focus the evaluation and treatment on a particular past or current “presenting problem” that would benefit from psychotherapy). Evaluate the family in accordance with the chosen theory, applying its theoretical constructs (be careful not to mix in concepts from other models). Offer your recommendations as to what interventions you would use in a treatment plan for the family. You may include their positive attributes as well as what could benefit from your treatment.

Please note APA style is important, at lease two scholarly references, Theoretical Conceptualization, Evaluation of family will is important, and interventions.

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Please do not use FOO as to my family of origin is different from others. I’m currently not working with a family at the present time however I’ve worked with a family in the past where the mother had her children taken away from her because the kids were being molested by the boyfriend. The story can be made up. I worked with the mother that was in the process of trying to get her children back because her children were given to two different foster families. Therapy was often provided with the mother and sometimes her dad and step mother trying to understand what’s happened. A big part of it was that she (Mom) was molested as a child and never saw the signs, so she claims. We believed she was in denial and didn’t want to believe that it was happening.

Quick update as to what models we are working with.
Psychodynamic Models -object relations family therapy sessions, Transgenerational models, Family systems therapy (Bowen), object relations -object choice projective identification, experiential models, Human validation process, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Johnson) the structural model, strategic models, solution focus,


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