Use the first 2 parts’ essay and complete the following parts base on them.

Fill out the sleep tracker excel sheet

Part 3: Perspire

In a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced) – Thoroughly respond to the following questions (in paragraph form).

  • Put your plan into place! Start executing your plan; take action! Keep track of your target behavior for at least TWO weeks. Record specific, measurable data to document the details about your behavior in your spreadsheet or whatever system you generated to track your progress.
  • How is your plan working?
  • What about your plan is easy, what is hard?
  • When have you felt like you were succeeding and when have you didn’t?
  • How have you revised your plan? State any revisions and explain why they were necessary. Remember to stay focused on specific, measurable targets.
  • How are you rewarding yourself as you work towards change? Why are these rewards important?
  • What support are you getting; is it helpful? Have you had to make changes in your support system, what changes did you make, why?
  • What challenges surprised you (if any), how have you overcome those challenges?

NOTE: You must also turn in the completed spreadsheet or system used to track your progress. It should be filled out with dates, times, details of the new behavior pattern for at least 14 days.

Part 4: Persevere

In a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced) – Thoroughly respond to the following questions (in paragraph form).

  • How did your plan work? Overall, was your plan successful?
  • Why it was important to have a plan (even if it was revised)?
  • How did you deal with “slips”? If you had a slip, if you miss a day or encountered a speed bump, state what happened and how you dealt with it.
  • During slips or challenges, who were your strongest allies and how did they support you?
  • How are you preparing for your next “slip”?
  • How are you staying motivated?
  • How are you avoiding triggers and reinforcements of the old behavior?
  • How are you rewarding yourself for progress?To what extent are rewards helpful?
  • How are you dealing with the urge to return to the old behavior?
  • How are you controlling your environment to help shape your behavior?
  • How do you plan to continue for a total of 90 days?
  • How did you deal with obstacles? Describe any obstacles you encountered and how you overcame those obstacles while you were executing your plan.
  • What did you like / dislike about working through this change?
  • What was your attitude about the change and the steps you took to create change?
  • How has this project empowered you?
  • How is this change helping you maximize your brain power?

Part 5: Persist

In a minimum of 2 pages (double spaced) – Thoroughly respond to the following questions (in paragraph form).

  • What’s your goal again?
  • To what extent did your plan help you achieve that goal?
  • Did you achieve your goal; how does that make you feel?
  • How will you rework your goal to continue to move forward with this change?
  • How you will maintain the new behavior or habit? Discuss how you will prevent relapse of the old behavior.
  • What will it take to get to 90 days and beyond?
  • What changes, if any, do you need to make to your plan in order to continue the behavior or habit for 90 days and beyond?
  • What support will you seek out (or support you have already sought out) that will be there for you for the long haul; discuss how that support will help (or is helping) you change your behavior pattern.
  • How you will celebrate or have celebrated your personal growth?
  • How will celebrations become part of sustaining the changed behavior?
  • Describe your persistence; how have you persisted through this change, how will you continue to persist?
  • To what extent does the change feel like “work”?
  • If you slip or relapse as you move into long term change, how will you mentally and physically cope?
  • Do self-changers terminate the problem, reach their goals, and exit their path? Provide an explanation as to how you answer that question.

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