Unit 8 Business Stat

Managing a Project

Discussion Best Practices

The Discussion is a great place to learn in an interactive environment, so be sure to participate actively in the weekly Discussion. By doing so, the entire class benefits from the Discussion and learning is significantly enhanced. You will need to respond substantially to at least two of your classmate’s posts. Please try to make your initial posts no later than Sunday night to give your classmates an opportunity to respond. You should also post throughout the week so that you can respond to any responses your classmates have made to your posts as well as participate in the Discussion. Be sure your post is grammatically correct, has been spell checked, and fully answers the question.

This unit covered project management techniques. Select a possible project management situation from your work or school experience and develop a project plan with at least five activities and with at least one predecessor activity. Create an activity network for your project. From your activity network, determine the critical path and identify any slack within your project. As you develop your project network be sure to think critically about each activity and use your best estimate of the time for the activity. How has the process of developing a project plan impacted how you might manage projects in the future?



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history summurize papers


I have 3 topics  and write a page to a page and half summarize for each topic and thhere are  files attached to help you to know what to you need to write. MLA format . total from 3 to 4.5 pages for them all.



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Graph each function rule Y=5+2x

Graph each function rule Y=5+2x

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Week four Discussions


Theses are two separate discussion post and should be  composed separately 150-200 each



Week 4 – Discussion 1:


Issues in Standard Costs and Budgeting


Review the Standard costs: wake up and smell the coffee.article. When evaluating performance, many organizations compare current results with the actual results of previous accounting periods. Is an organization that follows this approach likely to encounter any problems? Explain.








Week 4 – Discussion 2



Flexible Budgets


Flexible budgets provide different information than static budgets. Discuss some of these differences. Is a flexible budget always better? Are there times when you’d recommend using a static budget over a flexible budget?



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Resources: The ERD and normalized tables from the Week Two individual assignment, SQL Server® and Reporting Services on the Toolwire® site, and Beginning Microsoft® SQL Server®2012 Programming.

 Build a working sample of Huffman Trucking’s fleet truck maintenance database.

Use the CREATE table statement to create a table for each entity for Huffman Trucking’s fleet truck maintenance database.

 Use the INSERT statement to populate the tables with realistic sample data, demonstrating each relationship in your entity relationship diagram. Include at least two entries for each table.

Use the SELECT statement to create the following queries:

  • Create a simple query for each table that returns all of the columns and all of the rows for each table.
  • Write a query that displays each part that has been purchased by Huffman Trucking Company. For each part, also retrieve its parts catalog information from the parts catalog table and vendor information from the vendor table.
  • Write a query that displays all of the rows in the vehicle maintenance table. For each vehicle maintenance row, join the corresponding information from the maintenance descriptions table and vehicles table.
  • Write a query that displays each row in the maintenance work order table. For each row in the maintenance work order table, join the corresponding information from the maintenance description table.
  • Write a query that counts the number of maintenance work orders for each vehicle in the maintenance work order table. Display the vehicle column and the corresponding count of work orders for each vehicle.

Use Reporting Services to design and create a report on the parts purchasing history for Huffman Trucking Company. The report should display all parts purchasing history including manufacturer and vendor information, parts catalog information, and associated parts inventory issues, and all parts inventory purchases.

Format the report to present to senior management at Huffman Trucking.



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your ASP.NET Web pages

For this project, you will be continuing to enhance your course project. From previous work, you should now have an application that is connected to a database for display and updating of your data. The application uses an sqlConnection object and data-bound controls for the data connection, but this represents some problems for future development, and this is a good time to examine the architecture of your system to develop an application that will be easier to maintain and enhance.

For this project, you will modify your application to use a simple three-tier architecture composed of a presentation layer, a business logic layer, and data access layers. To create this new architecture, you will create business objects that communicate with the database. These business objects will contain the code necessary to query the database, and the presentation layer (your ASP.NET Web pages) will use these controls for interaction with the user. To create a great architecture, you can also create an interface to the database that is separate from the business logic layer and contains all of the SQL queries within methods that the business layer can call.

The following are the project deliverables:

  • Application Design Document
    • Use MS Word
    • Title Page
      • Course number and name
      • Project name
      • Student name
      • Date
    • Add a Revised Architecture section to your design document
      • Briefly describe your new architecture.
      • Include a summary of the changes made to the application to support the new architecture.
      • Describe the new components created for your application, and identify how and where they are used.
    • Name the document “yourname_ITSD425_IP3.doc.”
  • Application Updates
    • Create at least 2 business objects (components) for your application that contain code to interact with your database (optionally through a data access layer).
    • Use the new components in the Web application, and create some unique business logic code for the components.
    • LINQ should be used for communication between the controls and the database.
  • Any code necessary for the project should be C# and documented with good comments.
  • Be sure to include a thorough description of the changes made for this assignment in a “PROJECT_UPDATE.DOCX” in the project folder. This document will identify the areas of the application that demonstrate the satisfaction of each of the requirements.
  • The project folder should be zipped to a file called “ITSD425_IP2.ZIP.” The file should include the design document and all project files. Submit the zip file for grading

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Qualitative Research Five Approaches and Theory

Five Approaches and Theory

This week you will continue working with the five main qualitative approaches with respect to theory. After you have considered the role of theory for the five main qualitative approaches, you will be asked about how you plan to incorporate theory into your qualitative research plan.

To prepare for this Application:

  • Review the Course Text readings and media segment for this week.
  • Consider the role of theory for each of the five main qualitative approaches. How is the role similar and different among the five approaches?
  • What, specifically, do you need to consider in terms of theory while you are planning your qualitative research plan? To assist you with this, consider working on the literature review for your qualitative research plan. As you read articles, examine the theory used and how it relates to your selected topic and approach.

The assignment:

  • Craft a 5- to 7-page paper in which you do the following:
    • Compare and contrast the role of theory in the five main qualitative approaches.
    • State what you believe, at this time, will be the role of theory in your qualitative research plan and explain any considerations that you must keep in mind regarding theory.






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week 9 screening and assesment semknar

Participate in an asynchronous discussion by answering the Seminar questions in written form. You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word using APA format and cite all references used. Your response should be 350–400 words—again, substance and specific details are the key in all responses. Work for this course should reflect the level expected of 400-level courses. Save your document and submit to the Unit 9 Seminar Dropbox:

  1. Discuss why completing a summary tool such as the BAPS is important before developing the FBA Report.

  2. Discuss how the FBA Report is necessary for the development of an effective behavior plan.


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