business critical thinking 1

Create a Word document.

Use the business writing format for this class for all assignments – lead sentence, no forbidden words,etc. Assignments are NOT to be written conversational style or essay style. The strength of your business writing skills will be included when grading the assignment. In other words, even if a question asks your opinion, respond using business professional tone. The example provided in the link above is exactly what I am looking for.

All answers must include documented references to terms/concepts or web resources. In-text references [author, page #] directly after material, then full source list following assignment.

Use at least 2 external web references in addition to the textbook.

The quality of your business writing and answers will directly impact the points awarded. Answers only qualify for maximum points if thorough, complete, specific, and correct.

Chapter 4

  1. Why is ethics important in the workplace?
  2. How can companies try to encourage and enforce ethical behavior? Provide examples.

Chapter 6

  1. List three reasons for failure and three reasons for success of small businesses.
  2. What is a sole proprietorship? List three advantages and three disadvantages.
  3. What is a partnership? List three advantages and three disadvantages.
  4. What is the difference between a limited and a general partner? Be specific.
  5. What is a corporation? List three advantages and disadvantages.
  6. List and describe three special issues in corporate ownership.

Writing Requirements

  • APA format
  • Research-based assignment.
  • Adhere to Class Formatting, Business Writing and Citations guidelines.

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