Briefly discuss the type of BIS used

Management information system and strategy
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Tasks A:- Select any Transport, Retail or Production Industry of your choice and:

a. Briefly explain their operation, input and output requirements.

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b. Identify all the business processes in the selected industry and conduct an indepth evaluation of the activities and structure of any two main business processes in the industry.

c. Briefly discuss the type of BIS used for the implementation of the two selected business processes and Information Technology used in the application. Recommend two current technologies that can be used to enhance these computerised systems used by the company. Examples include cloud computing, Big Data, wireless and mobile technology etc.

d. Business Intelligence and Data Analysis: – Create Excel spreadsheet that captures some of the operations in the selected industry.

1. Populate the spreadsheet using data from the selected industry’s business activities and or operations.

2. Convert the data in the spreadsheet into a semi-structured (MIRS) and unstructured format or Executive Information System (aka ESS) using Excel package.

3. Using the data above, develop a model using the strategic plotting technique and explain how this model can be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the industry.

e. Develop Decision Support System (DSS) and conduct statistical analysis using Excel packages.

i. Create DSS using Word as front end and Excel spreadsheet as the backend;

ii. Conduct Sensitivity analysis using “Goal setting analysis” in the “What if analysis” in the Excel package.

iii. Conduct Trend Prediction Forecasting analysis using Trend line in Excel package.

f. Develop a prototype Client Server Information System for the selected organization.

i. Create a prototype information system for the select company using data from the excel spreadsheet in section Task A (d) above.

ii. Develop Front End, which is GUI using the for example Human Relation (HR);

iii. Create at least two tables in MS Access or any database packages of your choose using the data from (Task A (d) above).

iv. Update the prototype DSS using Client Server Information System for the selected organization.

v. Use the case study to draw a use case diagram, class diagram and Entity Relation Diagram (ERD).

vi. Clearly indicate the attributes, primary and foreign keys in each table then link the tables together using the Relationship function in MS Access or the selected database packages;

vii. Connect the Visual Studio Front End (GUI) to the Microsoft Access backend or the selected database packages; Clearly explain the procedure you used to develop your prototype Client Server System in your course work documentation. Support your explanation with screen shots, which shows the stepwise procedure used.

Tasks B:- g. Develop mathematical and statistical Decision Support System (DSS) models using SPSS package.

1. Sensitivity analysis which, includes “What if analysis”

2. Conduct Data Analysis using SPSS to find: – Descriptive statistics 3. 1. Frequencies, 2. Descriptive,

3. Explore etc.

4. Conduct Trend Prediction analysis with Regression using SPSS: – Linear Regression. Briefly discuss how this information could be used for management decision making and Business Intelligence in the selected industry. h. Evaluation and conclusion. The evaluation must be a critical review of how the proposed innovation will contribute to the attainment of competitive advantage as well as create structural or cultural changes in the management of the industry. Outline the ethical and security issues that must be addressed during the implementation of the Business Information Systems. Some of the BIS you could use include:

1. Functional Information System:

2. Constitutional information system:

3. Enterprise application integration or enterprise collaboration systems: See lecture slides and textbook for more details.


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