Briargrove: Resource Risk

PM4 Resource Risk
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Resource Risk

Briargrove is a multinational organization with offices throughout the world. As a result multiple systems and applications must communicate with each other. Changes in the operating system and platforms must be carefully considered. One system can offset multiple other systems. The home office in Dallas runs multiple dashboards and overlays in order to access information globally in real time. The system has no downtime per se as the servers are updating every six hours (12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm Central Standard Time) and different backup systems are in place globally and online.
Your project has been to lay the foundations for the organization’s learning library, including a learning platform for training and online courses as well as computer based training. Access to subscribed databases similar to those we use at the University will become a part of the learning library.
The project has been planned out. The CLT Team has signed off on the plan and work is underway. Your organization has developed a lab, test network. No significant issues have been reported. The rollout throughout the office has gone well with the associate level and administrative personnel. The rollout is now extending to management within the corporate office. A system failure is occurring due to unknown software, many of the management personnel have loaded on their computers (desktop and laptop). The failure has brought down your system and is negatively impacting the organizational network. How do you handle the situation? What plans and measures will you put in place? What could have been preventative measures to reduce these risks?
The following requirements must be met:
• Write between 1,000 words using Microsoft Word in APA 6th edition style.

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