Black Hair and Identity in America Homework

Explaining Black Hair Culture
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Black Hair and Identity in America Homework # 6 Ch. 6 The Burden of Proof: Explaining Black Hair Culture Two pages double-space and typed “Despite civil rights struggle, the 1960s’ black power movement, and the power of slogans like ‘Black is beautiful,’ masses of black people continue to be socialized via mass media and non-progressive educational systems to internalize white supremicist thoughts and values.” (Byrd & Tharps p. 149) The authors point out that we are taught certain attitudes about hair texture and beauty by our families, friends, schools and the media that affect how we see others and ourselves that can have negative and positive effects. Schools as places of learning offer opportunities to enlighten students through greater cultural understanding of one another. With this in mind, based on information contained in chapter six, create a workshop for students for an elementary, high school or college Your workshop is called: Explaining Black Hair Culture Assume that it is a diverse school with students from all backgrounds. Purpose of Workshop To promote greater cultural understanding among students about the culture of Black hair What information or key points would you want to get across to them? How would you do this in a way that they would understand and find interesting and important and would The desсrіption of your workshop should include: – two quotes from the chapter you would choose and why – two stories or anecdotes from the chapter you would use and how you would apply them – two examples of media portrayals you think may influence young people ((TV, music videos, movies, magazines, advertising etc. can be your own or from the chapter) – what role-playing or small group exercise would you create try to get across what you think is an important point from the chapter. – How you would explore/discuss “good” and “bad” hair and Dominant beauty standard with students – what information would you draw on from this chapter? – Provide an example of a homework assignment you would give them based on information in the chapter Explain why you designed the workshop in this way and how effective you think it will be. What do you think would be your biggest challenge?


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