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It is true that society and arts in the West are more secular than they were in the past. But to what extent does religion continue to influence popular arts? Choose a popular song or film and comment on elements of it that might be influenced by religion. Include an active link to a song and written lyrics, or to the trailer for a film.

1. Answer three (3) of these Discussion Questions (2 from the A set, and 1 from the B). Please give enough examples and information to support why you have the opinion you do. Length: ~ 75-100 word each answer; 250 – 300 words, total. Set A. Choose two (2) of these prompts to answer and […]


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identify the first document by document author (if known) and the title of that document. It might be Jahangir, “Policy toward the Hindus” (seventeenth century). In the summations section, select a few points (ideally three per document) you noticed that you will summarize (reporting of facts). I will not expect you to discuss EVERY important item in a document

Overview: The two primary source papers give us opportunities to work with the building blocks that form history. By definition, a primary source is a written, visual or physical object created by an individual or group living years ago, which can be used today to illuminate and assess the conditions, perspectives and events of the […]


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