At each level of the organization (top, middle, lower), what do you think are the critical issues?

Discussion Questions: Management Innovation
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Assignment 3: Discussion Questions

Each question can be answered by reviewing its corresponding chapters. For example, Question 3 and 4 should correspond with Chapter 3 and 4 in the book. I purchased a different edition so it’s possible it may be off just a little. Remember these are discussion question that I will later elaborate on at the end of the course.

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At each level of the organization (top, middle, lower), what do you think are the critical issues? What are the potential advantages of an innovative strategy for individuals at each level? What should be the biggest fear at each level?
Think about things you have used for something besides its intended purpose. What can managers do to help individuals capture that same feeling in the work environment?
Three questions that link innovation planning and implementation were discussed at the beginning of this chapter. What are they? How does the answer to each of these questions affect the organization’s readiness for implementation?
If you are seeking an innovative leader for an organization, what do you think are the ten most important characteristics for the leader to have? How will you determine if an individual has those characteristics? Discuss how executives can ensure a successful fit.
Gap analysis refers to the answering of the following three questions:
Where are we now compared with where we want to be?
What lies ahead that can affect us either positively or negatively?
Where will we end up if we continue on this path?
What do you believe are the key characteristics that an organization’s plan must have if a gap analysis is to be successful?
Why would a firm use an alliance, a joint venture, and a merger/acquisition?
Find a merger/acquisition that has produced less than satisfactory results. What would you have done differently?
What advice would you give to a manager in charge of blending IT systems after acquisition? What are the key integration issues?
From the chapter, it is clear that knowledge management is critical. What steps would encourage knowledge management?
If you were charged with developing the specifications for a knowledge-management system in your organization, what key information would you need and how would you go about gathering and organizing it?


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