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In order to gain a perspective on the rapid changes in the 20th century and its effect on art, please choose one image from the text (from this week’s readings) and then research two noteworthy inventions, world events, or discoveries that influenced it. Image attached with page number. Book Janson’s Basic History of Western Art

response should be a full paragraph of 8-10 sentences with an image example that is included by pasting, linking, or supplying the text page number. If outside sources are utilized, please cite your sources.

Also, respond to this posts, fully explaining your response to the post and “including an additional image example.” Make responses that add to the conversation and take it further.

I wanted to further look into Hannah HÖCH’s Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, and the events that influenced HÖCH to create it. Dadaism was an European art movement in the early 20th century that was a reaction to World War I. they rejected capitalist society and would incorporate anti-capitalist themes into their works.


With HÖCH’s Cut with the Kitchen Knife piece, she created a chaotic atmosphere by cramming photos of people and machines into the art. This was meant to depict the frantic social and political landscape of the Weimar Republic’s failed attempt at democracy. Machinery was another heavy influence in HÖCH’s work as it was seen as a “propagandistic tool that had led to the war” (Davies 577). In my opinion, her depiction of machinery in the piece correlates heavily with its anti-capitalist mindset and how people have “dehumanized themselves” for their own financial gain.

Ed. Davies, Hofrichter, Jacobs, Roberts, & Simon. Janson’s Basic History of Western Art. 9th, Pearson, 2014. eText

Trachtman, Paul. “A Brief History of Dada.”, Smithsonian Institution, 1 May 2006,


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