apply the nursing process to care for an 8yr old male

Apply the nursing process as it relates to theoretical principles in the nursing management of children and adolescents within the family system.

use the above Student Learning Outcome and incorporate it to care for an 8-year-old male, weighing 11.4 kg who was admitted to the hospital on 09/30/2019 and diagnosed with feeding intolerance and vomiting. Patient medical History cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, oromotor dysfunction leading to G-tube dependence, chronic malnutrition, and chronic constipation. mom reports daily coffe ground emesis with associted 1.3kg weight loss which started after G-tube was placed on 08/14/19. patient is NPO (nothing by mouth), but was on Pediasure prior to admission.

plan to take the patient to the OR for EGD at 10am

medication: Pantoprazole


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