All-Weather Case 2.19 Audience Analysis Memo

All-Weather Case 2.19 Audience Analysis Memo
Assignment Requirements

Format: Use the memo format in the Doc Sharing area titled “Locker Appendix A Fig A.9 Memo Format”.

Length: 1-2 pages, not including attachments

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References: None required

Audience for the Memo: Miguel and Linda

Background and Scenario: See the All-Weather Case 2.19 in the Doc Sharing area of the course or access the case by clicking here.


As the text states, based on the information given in the All-Weather Case 2-19 and your reading of Chapter 2, you should perform an audience analysis for Miguel and Linda, and report your findings in a short memo to them. Specifically:
•Begin by finding out who their primary and secondary audiences are.
•Next, answer the six “audience-analysis” questions given in the chapter.
•Finally, identify three benefits that meet the criteria of good audience benefits as the chapter explains them.
•To sharpen your analysis, you may want to do a quick Internet research on Web-based performance appraisal systems.

How will this assignment be graded?

The criteria for excellence in this assignment are in four categories:
30%: Substance
25%: Organization
20%: Style
25%: Correctness

See the Writing Assessment Checklist for Project #1 in the Document Sharing area of the course for a detailed rubric for this assignment, which can also be a very useful checklist to make sure you’ve covered all of the bases for your memo!

1.Complete your assignment and submit it to the Dropbox labeled “Unit 1 — Project 1” by clicking on the Dropbox tab located in the upper-right hand gray menu bar.
2.Please make sure you put your name and the title of the assignment (e.g., “Project #1”) in the Dropbox and on the Memo itself, and always be as clear as possible in labeling your attachments (“jonesp1.doc,” for example, is easy to identify; “Project1.doc” could be anybody’s work).


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