4 sociology questions

  • This relates to the “nature-nurture” question of human development and socialization. Read the article link in this folder for more information. You can also get the overall point about what sociologists think about “what makes us human” in chapter three.
  • Listen to the radio story about Lucy, the chimp, from “Radio Lab.” The story starts around 7:40 and ends around 40:15. You have to listen through the end to answer the questions. (total about 33 mins)
  • After listening to the story, answer the following questions. Save your answers in a Word document and drop your answers in the appropriate box.


1. What is the “nature-nurture question” (or nature v. nurture debate)? And, which way do sociologists (largely) lean on this question? (Think critically about what you learned about culture and socialization to answer the second part of this question.)

2. What are some examples from the radio story of how Lucy “became” human, or was socialized. Be specific.

3. What do you think about the end of the story (that is, at the end of the epilogue) and what does it make you think about the nature v. nurture debate? Was she influenced by nature, nurture, or both? Explain.

4. Is there a point of time that Lucy is resocialized? Explain.


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