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Reading assignment:Jamieson text, p. 144-152.

(NOTE: this reading assignment has nothing whatever to do with the test below. I’d suggest finishing the test first, prior to doing the reading, so as to avoid confusion.)

Third Exam:

Instructions— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions are approximate; do not obsess about hitting these numbers exactly. The text must be double spaced, and printed single-sided, with 1.5” left/right margins, with pages stapled together.

(NOTE: there is a 1/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with each of these underlined factors. For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present, and whatever font, type size, you like.)

You must bring the paper to the class on Monday the 6th, during class time. Alternatively, if you can’t be in class, you must have someone else turn it in on your behalf. For example, you may email it to a classmate and have them print and submit it (or you may have anyone else bring it to class).

If you do not turn in a paper during class time (or have one turned in on your behalf) on Monday the 6th, you will receive an F for the test.


1. For abortion to be considered wrong, Thompson says “…we need to [show] that killing the fetus violates its right to life, i.e., that abortion is unjust killing.” What analogy (thought experiment) does she use to consider the situation; how is this applicable to pregnancy arising from voluntary intercourse? (100 wds) [Note: Base answers only on the part of Thompson’s article read in this class.]

2. Once a decision has been made for a terminally ill patient to die, is “letting the person die” better than “taking active measures” to end the person’s life? Briefly give Rachel’s view; use most of the word count to say whether or not you agree, and why or why not. (100 wds)

3. Singer says that if his principle was actually acted upon, it would have profound implications, and that our world would be fundamentally changed. Describe and explain two of these implications/changes. (100 wds)

4. Warren says animals have rights, while saying that these are not the same as moral rights accorded to people. What does she name as a distinguishing characteristic, what does she list as implications flowing from that characteristic, and are there any exceptions to the necessity of this characteristic? (100 wds)

5. Do you think society should encourage and/or permit gene editing? If so, for which purposes—therapeutic or enhancement?; both/neither/one or the other? What effects might any decision have on society? Whatever your say—to any part of any question—give a reasoned analysis supporting your position, but briefly. (between 100-150 words).


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english paper

300 or more word count on Dr. Seuss book the Sneetches. Must tell who Dr. Seuss was and where he came from and then write about Political Issue (Issue in the book and your knowledge of Issues). Symbolism:(from the book).


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Healthcare services can be rationed by governmental rationing or by allowing those who can afford the services to purchase the services. If you were the chairperson of a medical ethics committee faced with the decision concerning which of the following patients would receive a heart transplant, what decision would you make and what justification would you give to the families of each of the patients for making that decision?

  • Patient 1: A seventy-six-year-old nonsmoker with good pulmonary and renal function is a good candidate for a heart transplant. His life expectancy without the transplant is one month. The patient has the resources to pay cash for the transplant procedure and follow-up care.
  • Patient 2: A forty-six-year-old unemployed auto worker with a history of alcohol use and smoking suffered a heart attack. He will die within one month if he does not receive a heart transplant. The patient does not have health insurance, nor does he have the resources to pay for the procedure.

Support your work, use other textbook readings. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Your posting should be a minimum of 300 words in length.


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Description: 500-700 words For this assignment, you will describe and discuss the impact of (Column A) upon the development of (Column B). Be sure to reference at least one specific example (primary source) of visual art, theater/film, etc., to illustrate your conclusions.

At the bottom of the guide I have given you a few choices of topic- with an A and B pre-chosen for you. You will do one of these.

The examples (primary source) can be found in your text book, so finding them should not be an issue. Online sources could be used as well, at your choice.

*Give me a works cited page for the example. This will be in MLA format.

*You will need to use at least 1 in text citation in the paper.

We are looking for Cultural and Historic Understanding, so you should be able to talk about how an event, a person, an empire (history) relates to an aspect of culture (art, philosophy, religion, etc.).

As always, this is a major writing assignment, so please double-space your work and obviously, all the conventions of proper writing apply here, use spell check to help yourself and proofread your work.



  1. World Wars – – – – – – – – – – -Visual Arts or Literature or Philosophy/ Religion
  2. Existentialism- – – – – – – – – -Philosophy/ Religion
  3. Ethnic/ Racial Identity- – – – Visual Arts or Literature

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Use the Ashford Library to research a prominent leader, living or deceased, who you admire. Explain whether the leader’s style is transactional or transformational. What type of leadership characteristics does the leader demonstrate? What aspects of servant leadership does the leader exhibit? Provide relevant examples to support your claims.

The paper should be three to four pages in length (excluding title and reference pages). At least two scholarly references (a minimum of one being from the Ashford Library) plus the course textbook must be utilized in the research. The paper should also reflect proper APA format and style and integrate resources with in-text citations to support the writing. Vocabulary and course content should be integrated throughout the paper.


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reading response

give the reading response after reading the article, 1.5 pages, double space


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